5 Basic Concepts of C++ programming language

Hii friends!!! Today I will going to tell you about 5 Basic Concepts of C++ programming language…!

Here are 5 Basic Concepts of C++ programming language

C++ Variable

  • Variables are the backbone of any programming language.
  • A variable is simply the way to store some data for later use. we will retrieve this price or information by concerning a “word” which will describe this information.
  • Once declare and outline they will be use repeatedly at intervals the scope within which they were declared.

C++ Control Structures

  • Once a program runs, the code is scan by the compiler line by line (from high to bottom, and for the foremost half left to right). This is often referred to as “code flow.“
  • Once the code is being browse from prime to bottom, it should encounter a degree wherever it must create a decision. supported the decision, the program may jump to a unique a part of the code. It should even make the compiler re-run a particular piece again, or simply skip a bunch of code.

C++ Data Structures

Let’s use a listing of courses on “guru99” because the example! you most likely have a list of courses before of you. but however does one assume they hold on that. There will be tons of courses, and different users could register for various courses. Do they generate a unique variable for every user? For example, let’s say we want to stay track of ten courses.


If we need to store 10 courses, we might most likely outline 10 variables, right?


Within the world of programming, this can be simply a horrifying method of attempting to store 10 different variables. This can be due to 2 main reasons:

  1. The large quantity of text that you’ll have to be compelled to write in your program. Sure, right away we tend to solely have ten courses, thus it’s not too bad, however what if we had 1,000 courses! Imagine writing that out one thousand times! ignore it!
  2. The flexibility. Adding another course would want manual edits to the code. We might have created variable course 11. this can be simply crazy!

So, what’s the CORRECT WAY?

Storing them in data structures.

An information structure may be a nice way to get around having to form thousands of variables. C++ contains many varieties of built-in information structures. Most frequently use may be arrays which can be instruct later.

C++ Syntax

The syntax is a layout of words, expression, and symbols.

Well, it’s as a result of an email address has its well-defined syntax. you wish some combination of letters, numbers, probably with underscores (_) or periods (.) in between, followed by an at the speed (@) symbol, followed by some web site domain (company.com).

So, syntax during a programing language is much the same. they’re some well-define set of rules that enable you to make some piece of well-functioning software system. But, if you don’t abide by the principles of a programing language or syntax, you’ll get errors.

C++ Tools

Within the real world, a tool are some things (usually a physical object) that helps you to induce a particular job done promptly.

Well, this is still true with the programming world too. A tool in programming is a few piece of software that once used with the code allows you to program faster.

There are most likely tens of thousands, if not lots of completely different tools across all the programming languages.Most important tool, thought of by many, may be an IDE, an Integrated Development Environment. associate IDE is a computer code which is able to create your coding life such a lot easier. Ides make sure that your files and folders are organize and provides you a pleasant and clean way to read them.