Features of C++ programming language & Uses of C++ programming language

Hii Friends!!! Today I am going to tell you about Features of C++ programming language & uses of C++ programming language…! C++ is a high-level object-oriented programing language that facilitates programmers write fast, transportable programs. C++ provides wealthy library support within the kind of standard template Library (STL).

Features of C++ programming language

A number of the interesting features of C++ are:

  • Object-oriented: C++ is associate object-oriented programming language. This implies that the main focus is on “objects” and manipulations around these objects. Data concerning however these manipulations work is abstract out from the buyer of the object.
  • Rich library support: Through C++ normal example Library (STL) several functions are available that help in quickly writing code. For instance, there are normal libraries for numerous containers like sets, maps, hash tables, and so on.
  • Speed: C++ is that the most popular alternative once latency may be a important metric. The compilation, in addition because the execution time of a C++ program, is way quicker than most different general purpose programming languages.
  • Compile: A C++ code must be 1st compile into low-level code then execute, not like taken programming languages wherever no compilation is need.
  • Pointer Support: C++ also supports pointers that are wide utilize in programming and are usually not available in many programming languages.

It’s one among the foremost necessary programming languages as a result of most the programs/systems that you simply use have some or the opposite a part of the codebase that’s written in C/C++. Be it Windows, be it the image writing software, be it your favorite game, be it your internet browser, C++ plays associate integral role in almost all applications that we tend to use.

Uses of C++ Programming Language:

operating Systems

Whatever it is Microsoft Windows or mack OSX or Linux – all of the operative systems have some elements that are program in C++. It’s the backbone of all the well-known OSs as C++ may a powerfully typewritten and fast programming language, that produces it a perfect alternative for developing an operating system.


Due to the actual fact that it is one in all the quickest programming languages, C++ is wide utilize in programming of game development engines. C++ can simply manipulate hardware resources and it may give procedural programming for CPU intensive functions.


The rendering engines of a number of net browsers are program in C++ due to the speed it offers.


Several high-level libraries use C++ because the core programming language. For example, several Machine Learning libraries use C++ within the backend because of its speed.


C++ is wide utilize in most graphics applications that need quick rendering, image methoding, time period physics and mobile sensors.

Banking Applications

One in all the most popularly use core-banking systems – Infosys Finacle, uses C++ as the backend programming language. However, banking applications got to process lots of transactions on a each day and require high concurrency and low latency support.

Cloud/Distributed Systems

Cloud storage systems use ascendible file-systems that job near to the hardware. That’s why C++ becomes a most popular alternative for Cloud systems.

Embedded Systems

Numerous embedded systems like medical machines, smartwatches, etc., use C++ because the primary programming language.


Compilers of varied programming languages use C++ as the backend programming language.

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